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Roswell UFO Researcher to speak at Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico

UFO researcher, investigator and tour guide Dennis Balthaser lecture to include connections between the Roswell Incident and the mysteries of the pyramids of Giza. (Submitted Photo)

Dennis Balthaser, Roswell resident, Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico board member and nationally known UFO researcher, will be speaking at the Historical Museum for Southeast New Mexico Archives Building, 208 N. Lea Ave., on Oct. 7 at 3 p.m.

The lecture is part of the society’s Sunday Fun Days series.

Balthaser’s presentation scrutinizes Roswell, Area 51, underground bases and the pyramids of Giza.

Balthaser retired from the Texas Department of Transportation in 1996 after 33 years in civil engineering work. Prior to that, he served three years in the U.S. Army, in the 815th Engineering Battalion.

“I have been interested in UFOs for 35 to 36 years as a hobby,” Balthaser said. “I belong to the Mutual UFO Network. I became certified as an investigator in 1999.

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“I retired in 1996, moved to Roswell, planning on continuing my engineering work — I was 54 years old. I went to work for Smith Engineering and worked there probably six months when I started volunteering at the UFO Museum (International UFO Museum And Research Center) on weekends. I gave up a good paying job to volunteer in the museum.

“Probably not the smartest thing I ever did,” Balthaser said and laughed.

During the two and a half years Balthaser worked at the museum, he became close friends with Stanton Friedman and met firsthand witnesses of the Roswell Incident who were willing to speak with him.

“The guys are 90 years old, we’re losing witnesses fast and those we interviewed have died,” Balthaser said. “The others, we don’t know where they are and if they are alive.”

Balthaser worries about the next generation — if there are any — willing to continue what researchers like Stanton Friedman have started.

“We have a hard time getting young people involved in the UFO research because they grew up with ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The X-Files.’ It’s really not a big deal for the kids. ‘Why research something we know exists?’ They are of the opinion that it does exist. So it’s hard getting young people involved,” Balthaser said.

What followed were years of research, lectures, contributing editorials about his research — including for the Roswell Daily Record — and more than 350 TV, radio and other media interviews. In 1997, he opened his own webpage.

“I started writing editorials and I became interested in not only Roswell, but in underground bases, Area 51, and in 2001, I was asked to join the advisory board of the great pyramids in Giza (Great Pyramids of Giza Research Association). I was with that board for several years.”

Five years ago, a new venture called Balthaser to start his own private tours. These tours for up to four people not only include Roswell’s connection with the UFO phenomena, but the wide variety of Roswell’s history and culture.

As many things do, it started with a simple request.

“I was contacted by the people who do European tours and World War II tours to Europe. They said they had people requesting information about Roswell, asked me if I would be interested in doing the tours. Maybe two or three a month,” Balthaser said.

Out of those two or three tours a month, a business grew taking much more time. “It became two or three a day, five days a week,” Balthaser said. “It’s unbelievable. I have people from London, Tokyo, China, South Africa, Australia and Bangladesh. I had my first Russians a couple of weeks ago.

“About a month ago, I had a couple from France that didn’t speak English. That was tough. She understood a little bit and translated everything for her husband. The tour takes about two hours; it happened to take three and a half hours and my wife thought I was abducted,” Balthaser said and laughed.

“For a guy that is 77 and been retired 22 years, it’s a busy life,” Balthaser said. “My wife is a big supporter of it (his UFO research). In fact, she had a sighting (of an unidentified flying object) — I’ve never seen one. She grew up in Ohio and years ago, she saw something at night she couldn’t explain: lights and the movement. She has an advantage over me from having seen something. It is fascinating research and I just don’t think we have been told the truth in 71 years, so I keep pursuing it.”

Many people wonder if aliens really exist. Many movies were made about what would happen if they appeared again — if ever they had appeared in the first place.

Asked what Balthaser would do if a real UFO would either crash again in Roswell or land, he said, “I don’t know how I would handle it. I do believe that in 1947 panic would have been a real thing. Orson Welles read (on the radio) ‘The War of the Worlds,’ people committed suicide over it, but today, people are more educated. I don’t think there would be panic. There might be some influence on the financial world, on the religions of the world, but overall, I think people would accept it. The last Roper poll I looked at, something like 85 percent of people in the U.S. believe in UFOs. A higher percentage think it’s covered up by the government.

“I don’t think there is any doubt that we are not alone,” Balthaser said. “It would be pretty egotistical to think that we are the only thing in the universe. I am a Christian and that surprises many people. I am Southern Baptist. I had no problem doing the research and being a Christian. If you believe God created everything, that’s the end of the story. We don’t know what’s out there.”

Most recently, Balthaser was put on the board of directors of HSSENM for whom he is going to give his first lecture in a long time. “I figured out why,” he said and chuckled. “Because I am historical.”

Asked what the public can expect during his lecture, he said, “I am going to cover all four areas of my research. Primarily Roswell because that is my main research; about underground bases, Area 51 and the pyramids. In most cases, there is a connection to Roswell. I am going to tie all that together.”

For more information about Balthaser, visit truthseekeratroswell.com.

For more information about the lecture, call 575-622-8333.