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A dangerous ‘pack of kangaroos’


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We have experienced a substantial increase in the use of mobs as a political tool. One definition is “a crowd of people, especially one that is intent on causing trouble or violence.” This is somewhat inadequate, and to understand mobs, we need to analyze mobs in more detail, their motivation, their make-up and their leadership.

They predominately have common traits. First of all age, which typically has an average of 18 to 22. The reason for this is that young people are emotionally driven rather than logically driven — so they are easily manipulated by emotional rhetoric. They are poorly educated; this is not in reference to years of schooling, but to knowledge, rationality, cognizant thought and logic. They are truly sophomoric, that is people with a couple years of schooling who now think they know it all.

Mobs are devoid of any sense of virtue or ethics, their courage is proportional to their numbers and non-identity can be assured by hiding within the mob.

Another attribute is that the leadership rarely is at the front of a mob, they typically stay safely in the background. We see this a great deal on college campuses with students manipulated by left wing professors. Liberals have resurrected this policy following the radicals’ actions of the 1960s.

Today we see this approach expanded to cover the harassment of anyone with an opposing view; blocking conservative speakers, harassing politicians at home, at the theater, at restaurants and in their offices.

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We have seen young people pounding on the door of the Supreme Court, in the halls of Congress screeching like a bunch of obstinate braying donkeys and following someone with a megaphone saying “repeat after me” … and with ANTIFA forming mobs, in their black attire with clubs, attacking anyone suspected of an opposing view.

It appears that rational Democrats have acquiesced to the far left socialists. Their favorite method is bullying and intimidation. I remember the radicals of the 1960s; The Weather underground blowing up police stations, The Symbionese Liberation army robbing banks and the Chicago Eight inciting riots and throwing bricks at the police. At that time the Democrats condemned those actions. Today however, the Democratic party not only embraces rioting, but partners with the radicals and extols their actions as virtuous.

Returning to the definition of mobs, I’m inclined to use the Australian definition, “a pack of kangaroos.”

William Dawe

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