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Reservations open for Crazy 8s Math Club


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The library is currently accepting reservations for Bedtime Math’s Crazy 8s Club. Crazy 8s is a recreational afterschool math club providing a collection of novel, high-octane math activities that will appeal to a wide range of kids, not just the future math-contest types. This program will run for 8 weeks beginning Thursday, Nov. 1 until Dec. 27 (with a break for Thanksgiving) and has two separate sessions, one for kindergarten to second grade at 3:30-4:30 p.m. and one for third to fifth graders at 5-6 p.m. Crazy 8s helps reduce math anxiety for children with fun activities like “Toilet Paper Olympics” and “Glow-in-the-Dark Geometry” and by making it a social experience. If you’re interested in signing up, contact Crystal in the Children’s Department or call 575-622-7101. This is a free program, but space is limited, so sign up quickly to reserve a spot!

For more information, you can visit the website at roswell-nm.gov/405and like us on Facebook and Instagram @RPLnm.

Book Talk by Debra Thomas
Technical Services Supervisor

In a world inundated with constant movement, it is a necessity to relieve the stresses caused by over-demanding lifestyles, regardless of our ages. Young people, in particular, may not be cognizant of the impact a life lived at warp speed can have on health, sanity, or the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Nora Carpenter, author and certified yoga teacher, has taught children as young as two years old the tremendous benefits that practicing yoga can have on their confidence levels, self-control, motor skills and simply feeling good about their minds and bodies.

“Yoga Frog” leads children into the healing world of yoga with a quirky frog who wakes up feeling tired, grumpy, or otherwise discombobulated, then realizes that he knows exactly what to do to return to his happy, froggy self: yoga!

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Join in and follow Frog as he stands straight and tall as a mountain, refreshing his entire body as he takes deep breaths to energize his morning wakeup routine, then pretends to sit in a chair while reaching for the sky as he lifts his froggy arms up to the heavens. Progress to a hug that explodes into far-flung arms, then bend to the side while envisioning yourself a shining crescent moon shape. Need more flexibility? No problem. Frog picks out a spot in front of his eyes to focus on as he brings one foot to rest on the opposite leg, raises skinny green arms skyward and wobbles as he is reminded by the Tree Pose to embrace flexibility. After a few poses, needing to rest his brain and body, Frog mindfully practices Hawk in Nest, then moves on to Cow, Cat and Downward-Facing Dog while keeping an eye on his webbed toes to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do. Wolf? Well, of course, Frog performs this one while slowly turning his head from side to side just in case there is actually a wolf sneaking up on him. Playfully, yet purposefully, Frog goes through each yoga pose as they are designed because the flow of warming up to cooling down recharges the body and mind while promoting a sense of calm.

Children may not consciously realize the benefits of yoga, but they will feel a sense of fun and purpose in the poses which will leave them with the confidence needed to face the day or night ahead. Parents will want to join their children as they practice “Yoga Frog” and incorporate it into a daily routine for the family. “Yoga Frog” can be found in the Juvenile Non-fiction section of the library under 613.7 C226Y.

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