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Dog ordinance proposal a good idea


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As per City Attorney Holloman and Judge Eric Brackeen, dog owner controls are absolutely essential regarding public safety There is no excuse for a dog, large or small, attacking anyone. The owner needs to be held fully accountable for any and every injury to people or other pets. While the horror of being attacked can result in serious injury and even death, the emotional trauma can be life changing — and in every case I have looked at, the attack is ultimately traceable to human error involving the owner.

Not just the elderly or young, but healthy adults can be traumatized for a lifetime due to the always avoidable attack by a dog. Anyone who has undergone such an experience will never be able to fully explain to others what they have endured.

I have been injured, sometimes close to mortally by various animals. In each case it was my fault which centered on my own lack of knowledge or forethought. That is, I thought I knew the capabilities of the animal, or understood its intentions but in fact I did not. Fortunately, in those cases my ignorance did not result in injury to another person. In the case of dogs an attack can be motivated by a hidden trigger that we might akin to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Where euthanasia is called for as a means of protecting the public then it must be exercised. There are no excuses. Holloman and Brackeen are to be saluted for their willingness to take a stand on strengthening pertinent regulations to keep not only our citizens and their pets safe but all dog owners (and their dogs) as well.

Ray Pawley

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