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Local veteran comments on recent ad


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Friday, Oct. 26th’s newspaper, page A-8 contained an advertisement headed “Mid-term elections, – know the facts!” It represented the political views and fears of the person or persons who paid for that ad. They identified themselves as “Chaves County Veterans.”

I was born and raised in Roswell, to a mother who was born and raised in Roswell, whose father moved to Roswell in 1905. I served in the United States Air Force as an instruments technician on EC-135 aircraft, for the Looking Glass Mission, at Offutt Air Force base, and was honorably discharged in 1986.

I believe I am every bit as much of a “Chaves County Veteran” as any person living in Chaves County.

I support that person or group’s right to hold and to speak their opinions. Like them, I value the United States Constitution and the First Amendment. But if they are going to call themselves “Chaves County Veterans” then Chaves County should know that they do not represent all Chaves County Veterans.

The views they expressed in that ad are in no way representative of my views. I find the opinions they expressed to be vile and dishonest representations of the liberal perspective, and to be pandering to the lowest fears in our society.

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This Chaves County veteran was not represented by that ad.

Perhaps they should consider a more honest name, such as “Some Chaves County Veterans.”

Curtis M. Michaels

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