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Remarks on the level of security here on Oct. 26


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I attended the Republican rally on Oct. 26. I was carrying a protest poster, and a doorkeeper told me I could not enter the hangar with it. When I asked her why, she said it was “our event” and my dissenting view was not welcome. That was OK with me. If they want to limit where I may exercise my freedom of speech it wouldn’t stop me from speaking. I chose to instead stand outside the gates with my poster, speaking to the media and some of the rally attendees.

While standing out there, I had lots of time to notice the incredible police presence at this event. City police cars and state police cars — I have never seen so many police vehicles in one place! They weren’t there just for security for Mike Pence, as they were there for hours before he arrived. Since when do candidates for office deserve all that security at an essentially closed event (you had to register and have a ticket)?

Who paid for all those man hours? I sure hope the NM GOP is cutting a big check to the city and another to the state for all those officers acting as private security.

And who provided the metal detectors? Is another check needed?

The city supplied a small Pecos Trails bus, two large passenger vans and drivers to shuttle rally goers from parking at the airport terminal to the Stewart hangar where the rally was held. I do appreciate being saved the walk. Who paid for the vehicles, fuel and drivers? I sure hope the NM GOP or Chaves County GOP is cutting a check to the city to cover those expenses for a private event. I would hate to think the city violated the anti-donation clause in the constitution to accommodate a Republican event.

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I am also looking forward to seeing the RDR’s coverage of Xochitl Torres Small appearance at Stellar Coffee 7:30 a.m. Nov. 2. Cover one rally, cover them all.

Flo Wells