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If only one mindset votes, the nation stays divided


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Apparently, there is a radio advertisement in Roswell now that tells people if they don’t share a specific set of values, that the claimant insists represents all of Roswell, they should not vote. They may be surprised by how many people do not share their values, yet still vote. I sincerely hope they’re disappointed by a larger voter turnout than ever. Time will tell.

It is possible to be more un-American than these advertisers, but not by much.

There is a joke going around social media that states if you are registered with a certain party, election day is Nov. 6 — but if you are registered with another one, election day is Nov. 7. I get the joke. I also get that some people might take that seriously and one vote might be lost. Perhaps it’s not the most innocent of jokes after all.

This idea that only those who agree with us should vote is counter to the way that America was intended. Naturally, we want the majority to vote the way we do. But to take that desire to the point of making any effort to stop someone from voting, even making the suggestion, is un-American and is wrong.

If you are eligible, vote. If you do not know if you are eligible, go to the county clerk or to the NM Secretary of State’s website at nmvote.org and find out. People who have been in prison are sometimes eligible to vote now. Knowing your rights is imperative to practicing your franchise.

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If someone tells you when to vote, or that you are not eligible to vote, find out for yourself. If someone tells you that your views are wrong and that you should not vote, please do vote.

Our nation will not cease to be divided if only people of one mindset vote. The division will get worse.

Our nation will not heal as long as people are making any effort to stop others from voting.

Register. Vote. Sign petitions. Campaign if you feel so inclined. But get involved in the political system of our nation.

If you like the direction the nation is taking, know there are others who do not and they are voting.

If you do not like the direction the nation is taking, know there are others who do and they are voting.


Curtis Michaels