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If Socialism’s so great, why isn’t caravan Venezuela-bound?


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We have been hearing of a caravan of 7,000 people walking from Honduras to the USA. They are reported to be seeking refuge and opportunities here. We need to know some answers to a number of questions. Who organized the venture? Why?

Why did Mexico permit the column to enter their country? Mexico usually guards their southern border more jealously than we guard our own southern border. Was someone bribed?

Who is feeding these people? Did they all bring enough food and water from home? Are there sufficient supplies along the way? Is someone subsidizing this journey? Why?

What sanitation facilities are available to these people? Are they leaving behind an environmental disaster? Is someone providing portable toilets? Who?

We hear of other ethnic groups in the procession. Are some of them terrorists?

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What intentions do they have when they reach the U.S.-Mexican border? Do they plan to crash the border and risk death? Do they want to provoke the use of deadly force to produce “martyrs?”

Does some wealthy liberal or liberal group have an evil scheme … I must suspect it was no coincidence that this event is happening just before the 2018 elections. Do these people want to sway future elections by introducing a solidly Democratic block of voters?

My mind turns back to a few decades ago when my Jamaican bride and I had to spend many hours and dollars obtaining documents, filling out forms, and making appointments for us to LEGALLY make the USA our home.

Times were tough in Jamaica in the late 1970s. Michael Manley was the prime minister. He was a devoted socialist, and he was scaring many businesses and entrepreneurs off the island. He invited Fidel Castro to help us celebrate a national holiday. Many people wanted to flee economic and potential political problems on the island. There was fear that the country might go communist, another Cuba.

We had to take the LEGAL steps to come here. I find it hard to sympathize with people who are most likely intending to crash our border.

If socialism is so wonderful, why aren’t they marching to Venezuela or seeking asylum in Cuba?

Russell A. Scott