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One letter, five complaints


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Disadvantage living on the southwest side of Roswell. When you have to go to the north side of town and cross West Second street, does create a major problem. Moreso if you choose streets that have traffic lights. It does not matter if you are going north, or on your return trip headed south. The problem is, you sit and wonder, have the vehicles left Ruidoso/Tatum so the lights will change to allow the green light to come on.

Now that the election is over, would the Democrats/Republicans give us a break and quit the insults, name calling and bashing. As Joe Friday used to say, “nothing but the facts.”

The Roswell Police Department has got to do something about the speeders on Sunset. The posted is 35 MPH, which is completely ignored. Now that the major construction is being done at Sunset and Gayle the speed limit is reduced to 25 MPH. With the size of the equipment being utilized, a serious accident is in fact bound to happen.

The car dealers that mail out their junk mail, I for one will not purchase from that dealer again.

Daylight savings time. At 5 p.m. the darkness overwhelms me — it is past time, let’s settle one time no changes during the year. Pay attention, Santa Fe!

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Phil Pantuso