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Community steps up in support of education


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The Roswell Daily Record published recent articles regarding the Roswell Independent School District (RISD) and Sidney Gutierrez Middle School (SGMS). The first article covered reorganization of the RISD Board and the amicable transition of Presidents from Mona Kirk to Alan Gedde and the laudatory comments from Vice President Ruben Sanchez.

Mona Kirk has done an excellent job leading the board and district just as I am confident Alan Gedde will continue to perform as President with the guidance and support of the board, staff and educators. Serving on the RISD Board is certainly a service of working to enhance the local education system for our children.

The second article noted that the Sidney Gutierrez Middle School (SGMS) is rated a stellar school with straight “A’s” with a planned expansion to include kindergarten through eighth grade. Since inception SGMS has worked closely with RISD to develop one of the best schools in the state and country that has received many awards along the way. It is particularly important to recognize the co-founders of the school, Bob Carroll and Joe Andreis. Their hard work and vision, as well as the innovative and impassioned staff at the school, have made it successful. The expansion to include primary grades is an exciting development for local education.

Both articles are most positive regarding the educational system in Roswell. There are many members of our community deserving praise and thanks for their dedication of considerable time, effort and resources. These educational leaders have given to benefit our children at their own expense and at no cost to taxpayers. There are too many of these most generous citizens to list them all.

Simply, it does take a community to raise a child and our community is fortunate to have so many members that have stepped up, volunteered to join together and work to enhance local education. Thanks should be given to local and statewide residents for voting to support upcoming bond issues that will provide resources necessary to continue to build and improve our educational facilities.

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For all of you that have provided time, expertise and effort to enhance local education benefiting children, their education and this community, thank you for a job well done and best of wishes for continued success.

Thomas E. Jennings and Timothy Z. Jennings

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