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Voters: Avoid propaganda, do your own research


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A prominent New York editorialist gave a scathing assessment calling the president an accident of history. (To) the press, and to much of the public, he was bewildered, and equivocating and incapable of a clear and positive position on Russia.

Before the midterm elections his popularity was below 40 percent and he ended up losing double digit losses in the House of Representatives.

When he was rebuffed he refused to change — prominent liberals thought the administration was going to pieces.

Time magazine said if the world had to depend on him to keep the world out of trouble, than the world was in trouble. … His staff was concerned over confusion at the White House. Who was this guy?

Actually the above are paraphrases from David McCullough’s (favorable) biography of Harry Truman.

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Two years later the opinions changed and he won election to a second term. The problem is obviously that the public gets bad information. Far too many people are inclined to listen to news organizations looking for a headline, so-called prominent officials seeking to inflate their egos and just plain propaganda.

One wonders why people don’t consider actual accomplishments rather than getting phony rhetoric.

Our last president’s major accomplishment in eight years in office was an ill-conceived medical care program which required his lies to promote; trading a deserter for four terrorists (who are now again actively involved in their former organizations); and a pitiful excuse of a nuclear treaty with Iran. A treaty bought and paid for out of desperation to get a treaty at any cost.

Our current president in two years has stimulated the economy, vastly reduced unemployment, made substantial gains un the GDP as well as developing trade agreements to eliminate billions of dollars exiting the country from bad agreements.

It would be nice if voters would seek out the truth and study the facts rather than being like puppets following those who promote falsehoods and slander.

While writing this letter, the passing of George H.W. Bush was announced. The accolades poured in from both sides of the isle … great accomplishments, a family man and a devoted Christian, one of the most highly qualified presidents in modern history, yet he was voted out in favor of a glib-speaking, charismatic orator with suspect morals from Arkansas. The point being obvious, do your own research before voting.

William Dawe