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What will 2019 bring for Roswell ?

Happy New Year!

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A new year, new plans and old traditions

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

However you start your new year, there are as many traditions in the world as there are cultures and families.

In some cultures, such as Germany, you try to guess on New Year’s eve the future by throwing molten metal in cold water and figure out what it looks like. Other people, — such as citizens of Spain and Mexico, and those native to New Mexico — think that it brings monetary luck to eat black-eyed peas and grapes.

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Well, I know some of the future: There will be change. Nothing else is unchangeable than the promise of change. Change is good because it means there is life and growth. So instead of dreading it, embrace it, you can’t change change anyhow.

Some good changes have started already in 2018. Our children are already so excited to use the new Roswell Recreation and Aquatic Center. First to be finished will be the gymnasium and courts, hopefully, in the spring, the aquatic part will be done as well. The Parks and Recreation Department is evaluating what the specific equipment in the activity rooms will be, but there will also be fitness classes with instructors for the adults and young ones. You can see the updates via live video on the Roswell city Facebook page.

Then, there are events. So far, I am counting more than 300 events next year for our town alone.

Here are some of the highlights:

The Roswell Museum and Art Center Foundation is going to have its murder mystery dinner in February.

Way Way Off-Broadway has a diverse season ahead, celebrating the kick-off of its fifth season with “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in March, followed in the summer by “Mamma Mia!” and the 2019 Disney youth production of “Newsies.” The final highlight is in the fall — “Chicago, the Musical.”

Meanwhile, Neverland Theatre Company is building up its partnership with the Studio+. The audience can look forward to the fifth performance by this team in May, “Fairy Tales, A Retelling.”

The historic Roswell Community Little Theatre already announced the next two performances that get chosen by the respective director. Louise Montague chose for February the comedy “Lovers, Wives, and Tennis Players.” Alethea Hartwell chose for April a comedy as well: “Southern Fried Funeral,” a big-hearted comedy about family — Southern style.

The Kids in Arts ProgramS have some special performances planned in spring.

For those who love music, there is a multitude of concerts in every genre ahead in private and public locations, including in February the Roswell Symphony Orchestra concert with guest of honor Sam Trimble on trumpet. RSO’s season always includes national and international stars that bring the world of music to us.

The country roots of Roswell go deep and the public — city slickers or Future Farmers of America — can get a glimpse into its history in April at the Jesse Andrus & Mike Hillman Memorial Pro Rodeo.

As part of the southwestern Bible Belt, we do have our fair shares of churches and these do not sit back only to welcome the public on Sundays. Many have programs throughout the year, classes on fiscal responsibilities, art and music, as well as concerts. St. Peter’s Church is the host for All Saints Catholic School this year for its 25th annual Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance.

Speaking of activities, charities such as Walk for Hope are active and looking for support. This year in May, Walk for Hope Chaves County will be celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The local museums, galleries and the public library have classes lined up and the popular painting parties will be part of the new year as well.

One of the best parts of living in a small community is the fairs and festivals. They are unique and are based on decades of tradition. From the annual Artfaire to Rise over Roswell with hot air balloons, to Cinco de Mayo, UFO Festival and Galacticon, there will be festivities for everybody’s taste. Last year, the organizers skipped the Piñata Festival. Hopefully, this year we will have it returned to the public. Especially the children missed it — they have the most fun breaking the piñatas hanging from the trees at the Chaves County Courthouse to get to the candy.

Outside of town, Capitan is preparing a big event this year. Smokey Bear’s Hometown Association in Capitan is working on the 75th Smokey Bear Days in May.

Ruidoso’s Golden Aspen Rally celebrates its 50th anniversary in fall.

Our closest neighbor, Artesia, has a multitude of events planned, as well:

Performances galore at the Ocotillo Performing Arts Center, street festivals, the popular Red Dirt Black Gold music festival with the Oil Olympics and cook-off, to name a few.

Throughout the year, there will be outdoor and indoor events, activities and programs.

So, if somebody tells you there is nothing to do, tell them to get the Sunday edition of the Roswell Daily Record, open up the Vision section and join in the fun.

From our family to yours,


New Year