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Letter writer: Time to get this wall built


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Congress passed the Secure Fence Act with overwhelming bipartisan majorities. Democrats and Republicans promised to build seven hundred miles of fence along our southern border and much of it was built. Today, additional fencing is needed to keep out drugs, criminals, human traffickers and illegal aliens. …

President Trump kept his promise to bring back good-paying manufacturing jobs that were traded for the same goods made by foreigners at a cheaper cost. His tax policy lets workers and their bosses keep more of what they earn. OPEC has lost its ability to set oil prices, and we’re not dependent on anyone to produce steel and aluminum. The economy of many countries, if not in recession, may soon be, and no matter the gyrations of the stock market and actions of central bankers, our economy will remain strong.

A bipartisan Congress passed an $867 billion farm bill containing $400 million in crop supports (corporate welfare) for 10 percent of the richest farmers, and no work requirement for able-bodied food stamp recipients with children.

President Trump is making able-bodied adults without children work 20 hours a week. People who don’t care for their kids nor pay child support shouldn’t get food stamps, either.

Some Republicans joined Democrats to vote against immigration reforms, and they were ousted, giving Democrats a majority in the House of Representatives. It’s sad, but many Democrats are duplicitous which allows them to say they want to fix our immigration laws while voting for people who won’t.

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President Trump tweeted, “Drones and all the rest are wonderful, but it’s only a good old-fashioned wall that works.” You know he’s right.

The filibuster rule in the Senate requires 60 votes to pass legislation, but it’s an excuse to do nothing. Obamacare passed with 59 reconciliation votes, and a way can be found to fund fences. Don’t let politicians renege on their promise to secure our border which walls are a crucial part. Call Senators Udall 202-224-6621 and Heinrich 202-224-5521 and Senate leader McConnell 202-224-2541 and tell them to get’er done.

Respectfully your knuckle-dragging, Bible banging, flag waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera

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