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Letter: ‘Wall’ not the same as locking the doors


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In reply to the letter published in the Friday edition of the Roswell Daily Record by S.J. Norhtrup I would like to offer the following comments.

With a projected $1 trillion budget deficit, some 5,000 miles of shoreline and another 2,000 miles on our norther border a “wall” on only our southern border doesn’t even remotely equate to locking the doors on your house. It would be much more like a young couple, heavily in debt, charging an expensive lock for the front door while leaving the other doors and windows unlocked. The illegal entries currently come over, under and around the existing fence. I really don’t think a higher fence will provide the increased security promised by Trump.

Trump’s authoritarian personality, his extreme xenophobia and his seemingly lack of empathy are all personality disorders not consistent with a leader of the greatest nation on earth. He is taking us on a path of fascism which will likely prove to be the destruction of our democracy. We are a far better nation than this.

John Grogan

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