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Letter: ‘Wall’ would have same shortcomings as existing fence


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In a previous letter I identified Donald Trump’s mental deficiencies as personality disorders. After reading Mr. Burleson’s letter in the Tuesday edition of the RDR I realized I was wrong. If insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, Trump is definitely a bona fide mental case.

Using drones with artificial intelligence and existing detection and tracking technologies we could provide almost foolproof border protection for hundreds of dollars per mile. Trump’s “wall” — which is actually just a taller fence — is projected to cost some $25 million dollars per mile. The Trump “wall” would have the same shortcomings as the existing fence, so would require the same electronic surveillance in order to provide any measurable improvement in the level of security.

Under the guise of protecting the lives of Americans Trump has shut down our government in an attempt to force funding for a “wall” that would be just as easy to go over, under and around as the existing border fence.

If Trump were indeed interested in protecting American lives I would think he would focus on our 70,000 overdose deaths, our 40,000 gun-related deaths or maybe the high veteran suicide rate.

To spend taxpayer dollars on a duplicate border fence that would provide virtually no improvement in our security is insane.

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John Grogan

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