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Letter: Let’s have an honest conversation about immigration


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In his letter saying there’s no need for a wall on our southern border, the writer called President Trump a xenophobe and a fascist without citing evidence because Democrats call people they disagree with “ists”, “phobes” or whatever without proof. When Hillary Clinton called Republicans deplorables, my Republican friends urged me to respond, and when I said Democrats were elitist snobs, my Democrat friends cringed.

Name-calling hurts, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you call someone a liar, prove it.

We’re getting a wall because the president keeps his promises. When Trump asked Pelosi if she’d fund a wall if he opened government, she said no. If Democrats back her, he’ll declare a national emergency to build it. Democrats will take him to court and lose.

To influence the ignorant and supply talking points to faithful Democrats, the press said Trump manufactured a border crisis. Most people see the humanitarian and security mess and ignore them. Propagandists dishonor their first amendment right.

If there’s no suffering, why do Democrats and their lapdogs in the press get upset when aliens die? Why don’t they show the same outrage when our citizens are killed by the illegal aliens they protect? When our Democrat neighbors won’t enforce immigration laws, are they complicit in the death of aliens and Americans?

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We wouldn’t need walls, except for keeping out drugs, if we took away the incentives for illegal immigration. Democrats and like-minded Republicans put the profits of people who hire illegal aliens over legal immigrants and our poorest citizens who are cheated of an honest wage. These lawmakers traded our good-paying manufacturing jobs for the same goods made by foreigners.

There’ll be no bipartisanship on important matters until Democrats quit demonizing Republicans.

There’s talk of trading walls for amnesty. Congress can pay for the wall’s construction or Trump can use money meant for other projects to build it.

As for the welfare of illegal aliens, the only aliens who deserve our compassion are DACA Dreamers who were brought here by their parents.

I’d give Dreamers renewable work permits, and a path to citizenship for Dreamers who stand in line, in exchange for e-verify, a credible fear factor for asylum seekers, and closing the visa over-stay loophole. Take names of lawmakers who won’t, so you can vote for their opponents in 2020. Today, tell local officials to take away business licenses from people who hire illegal aliens.

Ralph Rivera

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