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Letter: New energy policy will ‘spite the hand that feeds’ state


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Governor’s State of the State for Energy 2019: “And I will direct each state agency to participate in developing a comprehensive climate plan for New Mexico that responds to the threat of a warming planet by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas pollution,” stated Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham. “I have committed to increasing our renewable portfolio standard — 50 percent renewable energy by 2030 and 80 percent 10 years after that, and I ask you to fulfill that commitment with me. Not as a ceiling but a starting point, with an ultimate goal of even greater renewable production. This is our promise to future generations of New Mexicans.”

What does that really mean? It means that the governor is proposing the low power density of wind and solar farms that require large masses of land to generate a few megawatts of electricity. The governor’s plan makes no mention of high density energy like nuclear or natural gas sources. Her focus is on spending money (subsidies) on construction jobs, building materials, hauling transportation and, of course, land leases for siting all this wind and solar equipment — along with necessary road and power grid infrastructure to get a few megawatts of electricity to sell to other markets, like California.

The governor is going along to get along with what is trending on the national scene for her energy policy. The Democrats in the new 2019 Congress are proposing a program dubbed the Green New Deal. There is nothing green about it, except that it will cost a lot of hard green cash (or more likely, credit).

The path of least resistance right now is to support renewable energy in the form of wind and solar farms to save the planet from the alleged climate change (aka, global warming). She is doing this to spite the hand that feeds her state budget — the O&G (oil and gas) industry.

After the last election, we have a whole new batch of Democrats that are ill-informed about how safe and clean nuclear energy really is. Their knowledge is either left over from the 1960s, or they bought into the propaganda carried forward in your education system.

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Martin Kral

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