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Letter: Demand fix for immigration system, not a wall


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In reply to Ralph Rivera’s request for proof of Trump’s xenophobia I would offer numerous comments made by Trump himself. Actually, I would have never dreamed it would be considered an insult to apply a xenophobe label to a person who has expressed an irrational fear and contempt for foreigners in every political speech for the past three years. I equate it to calling a person a liar who has made 7,645 false or misleading statements in 710 days. Just a simple statement of fact.

I remember reading about the cruelty, the costs and ineffectiveness of past mass deportations and thinking at least we have learned our lessons. Then along came Trump. When this is all over we will have dehumanized an entire race, we will still have some 12 million undocumented immigrants and we will have several billion dollars added to our deficit.

With $22 trillion in debt and a projected trillion-dollar deficit, it is time to demand responsible fiscal policies from our elected representatives. It is foolish to continue spending billions of dollars on the same failed immigration policies of the past.

It is time to demand our representatives fix our broken immigration system, and absolutely no more tax dollars wasted on another wall.

John Grogan

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