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Letter: Public must get the attention of lock-step partisans


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When we, the public, elect representatives and senators, we expect statesmen, not lock-step partisans. Differences in opinions are inherent in different people, so diversified objectives and manner of achieving them are normal. But what we expect (soon demanding?) is dialog between the opposing ideas. Dialog results in understanding, and understanding enables negotiation leading to compromise.

When key individuals refuse to dialog, the entire process breaks down. Boycotting President Trump’s invitations to meet with him does nothing for us. Offering a token dollar for border security and leaving the country instead of meeting for the purpose of achieving a resolution is akin to spitting in his face. The 800,000 workers furloughed are pawns. Separating the contentious issue for later may seem to be a simple temporary solution in order to move forward with the rest of government activities, but simply approving the border funding would open the government immediately, too. Also, there is no assurance the one issue will be addressed later. Dollar value is not the issue, for there are many approved government projects of dubious worth, and the amount is very small compared with the overall budget.

When the public who elect the representatives and senators show their concern sufficiently to get the attention of the lock-step partisans, progress will be made. For decades we have heard campaign promises for “comprehensive immigration reform.” Maybe this situation will finally give us just that.

Call your representatives and senators and tell them you want the dialog to begin.

Sen. Heinrich, 202-224-5521; Sen. Udall 202-224-6621.

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Dick Bartlett

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