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Letter: Letter writer calls for specifics


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John Grogan’s letter of Jan. 22 tells us “I would offer numerous comments made by Trump himself” as evidence of President Trump’s xenophobia. Yet he does not give us a single specific quote.

My dictionary defines “xenophobia” as “Fear of strangers or foreigners.”

Does Mr. Grogan believe anyone who wants to be careful about who is admitted to this country is a xenophobe? Would he choose to admit someone he knows to be a terrorist? Would he admit any stranger into his own home?

He tells us about “the cruelty, the costs and the ineffectiveness of past mass deportations.” He gives no details, and he does not tell us where he got that information.

Mr. Grogan also tells us we need to fix our broken immigration system. He gives no suggestions. Should we end all screening of prospective residents? Does he mean we should open our borders to whatever people, productive, lazy, criminal, or terrorist, who want to come? If he were honest, he should at least tell us, “There are severe problems with our immigration laws, but I have no idea what specific changes to make.”

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Let us imagine that someone is called “an evil, dishonest man. He has committed numerous acts of armed robbery, and he has defrauded many widows of their life’s savings.”

Could we accept that statement as fact? We would want that person to tell us specific events and where he learned this. For example, he could tell us (that on a specific date he) “robbed the Third National Bank of Gotham City.” He should then tell us where he got that information, maybe citing page one of the “Daily Planet” on (a specific date).

There is a well-known phrase, “Put up or shut up.” I invite Mr. Grogan to do just that.

Russell A. Scott

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