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Letter: NM may follow in “sanctuary” footsteps of California


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For those of you that are not aware, there are two bills currently in front of the New Mexico Legislature, the purpose of which are to end support for federal immigration enforcement in our State; in essence, turn New Mexico into a “Sanctuary State”.

The bills are parallel bills, HB195 in the House of Representatives and SB196 in the Senate. They are identical bills so that if one doesn’t make it through one chamber it may still make it through another.

These bills are patterned after similar ones in the state of California and are entitled “No Resources for Federal Law Enforcement”.

We all can see what the “sanctuary state” and “sanctuary cities” have done to California and if either one of these bills makes it to the governor’s desk and doesn’t get vetoed, the same is going to happen here in New Mexico. If either one of these become law, our state law enforcement agencies will not be allowed to assist in enforcing these laws and, as will become apparent, will make a farce of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center that is located here in Artesia.

So if we believe in preserving the safety and security of our families, our friends and our community by enforcing federal immigration laws, it is imperative that everyone immediately contact their New Mexico House Representative, Rep.Jim Townsend at townsend@pvtn.net and their New Mexico State Senator, Sen. Cliff Pirtle at cliff.pirtle@nmlegis.gov and urge them both to defeat these bills.

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Unfortunately, time is critical; HB195 is currently being heard in the House State Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee and SB196 (was set to be) introduced in the Senate Public Affairs Committee Jan. 25.

Sponsors of these Bills are: HB195: Senator Richard C. Martinez (D-District 5, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Espanola) and Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-District 13, Bernalillo County). SB196: Senator Richard C. Martinez, Senator Linda M. Lopez (D-District 11, Bernalillo County).

Please also urge the governor to veto either one or both of these bills if they make it to her desk. Email Governor Lujan-Grisham at: www.governor.state.nm.us; phone: 505-476-2200.

Jess Holmes

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