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Letter: Encourage lawmakers to reject ‘culture of death’


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Devout Catholics believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

Other Catholics embrace separation of church and state which promotes a culture of death like pro-abortion and assisted suicide laws do.

If Roe vs. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court, abortion becomes a state matter. Our law before the legalization of abortion bans them, and HB 51 would repeal it so the old law can be replaced by one making abortion lawful.

Abortion legalizes the killing of unborn children and forces doctors to kill in violation of their oath to do no harm. Would a new law recognize the rights of fathers and parents? Would it protect adults who impregnate minors? Would fetuses be harvested and sold? Like pagans who sacrificed babies, will abortions happen toward the end of pregnancies? If you don’t like the answers to these questions, let our existing law remain.

New Mexico has no assisted suicide law, and none’s needed. People die with dignity every day. Hospitals and doctors ease the suffering of the dying. Some people take their own lives, and their loved ones suffer.

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Unlike Hawaii, HB 90 invites abuse. In Hawaii, two doctors must find that a person has less than six months to live and is competent. People have mental health evaluations to determine if conditions like depression interfere with their decision-making. A doctor may dispense lethal medication, but it’s self-administered. Few doctors and pharmacies prescribe and dispense life-ending drugs, and they’re not forced to do so.

HB 90 is expansive and vague. All people have to say is that they’re terminally ill and be evaluated by someone out of state via telemedicine. Medical practitioners other than doctors can administer drugs without examining patients. Although doctors aren’t forced to prescribe deadly drugs, they’re made to refer patients to those who do. HB 90 doesn’t seem to be limited to state residents, either.

Assisted suicide laws treat the terminally ill as invalids. The vast majority aren’t, and they’re capable of taking their own lives like anyone else. No one should be made to do what the unwilling won’t.

Tell your representatives not to support HB 51 and HB 90.

Ralph Rivera

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