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Letter: ‘Sweeping accusations’ must be backed up by events, sources


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John Grogan’s letter of Jan. 30 continues making sweeping accusations of President Trump’s alleged xenophobia. He stated, “The focal point of the Trump campaign was his irrational fear and contempt of foreigners, and he has continued his xenophobia throughout his presidency. That Russell Scott, or any person in the world, would ask for further examples of Trump’s xenophobia is beyond me.”

I would ask John Grogan, “Imagine that someone were to attack your favorite politician as ‘a racist.’ Would you accept a statement, ‘The focal point of his campaign was his contempt for people of other races, and he has continued his racism throughout his term in office’ as fact?” You would demand specific quotations, dates and sources of such alleged offenses.

I asked Mr. Grogan if he believes anyone who wants to be careful about who is admitted to this country is a xenophobe. He has not answered. I also asked him if he would admit any stranger into his own home. He did not answer that either.

He states, “We need to recognize the immigrants coming here are legal …” In the next paragraph he says, “The solution is to hold the employers responsible for verifying the legality of their employee …”

Does he know that for many years prospective employees have been required to show proper documentation of their citizenship or their right to work to their employers? We can find that at www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/acceptable-documents.

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Despite my challenge to “put up or shut up,” Mr. Grogan has clearly not “put up.” I still await support for his sweeping accusations, and by this I mean specific events and sources for his alleged information.

Russell A. Scott

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