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Local photographer shares his African safari


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The Roswell Public Library has two special programs coming up this week. The first is “Into Africa” with Donald Weld on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 2 p.m. Mr. Weld is a local photographer who recently got to experience the amazing continent of Africa. For this presentation, he’ll be sharing the adventures he had, as well as the incredible photographs he got to capture while he was there.

Then on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 5:30 p.m. Bernice Ende, author of the book “Lady Long Rider” will be giving an Author Talk about her own travels across the U.S. She has logged more than 29,000 miles in the saddle, traveling with just her horses and dog, Claire. One of her cross-country rides took her through Roswell and so she’s returning to speak about her encounters with rough weather, worn out horseshoes, friendly people and how her lifestyle as the Lady Long Rider tests the limits of both her physical and mental stamina. Books will be available for purchase and signing.

Both of these programs are free to attend and for more information, you can visit the website at roswell-nm.gov/405/, call 575-622-7101 and like us on Facebook.

Book Talk by Debra Thomas

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Sometimes, maybe, the world would look fresh and inviting to us if we stopped what we were doing and leaned to the right. Or the left. Whichever direction you prefer, because really the only thing that matters is that we see things from a different perspective — at least once in a while. While you are leaning to the left or the right, you might even catch a glimpse of a slightly askew cat walking crookedly down a sidewalk.

That somewhat off-beat cat is catawampus and he will turn your world upside-down, around, and let you see the ground in a whole new way. “The Catawampus Cat” arrives early one day in a small town bustling with activity as people go about their ordinary lives in their ordinary ways. But wait, this mundane existence is disrupted when the grocer, Mr. Grouse, spots the small gray cat leaning to the side as he walks and, thinking something must be wrong with him, tries to scrunch, squish, twist, and straighten him out, to no avail. He remains catawampus and, as the grocer and his wife stare, they lean to the side to better view him. As they do so, the off-kilter angle shows them the resting place of a treasured wedding ring lost many years before, inspiring an untarnished-with-age awareness of each other as the crooked cat continues his curious meandering down the street.

At each glimpse of the tilting cat, exciting things begin to happen. The barber invents a new hairstyle that is slightly angled, the house painter unfolds an unusual work of sideways art, the town daredevil accidentally sets a new record, and countless people begin to tilt their heads, their houses, their cars and their lives until everyone is happy and the entire town is catawampus. How does the furry feline feel about all this? Well, you must remember … once a cat realizes that everything is the same, he really must do something about it, because mundane is not his game.

Author Jason Carter Eaton and illustrator Gus Gordon team up to share this lively offering of angled, off-kilter and askew in “The Catawampus Cat.” They both claim to be experts in these fields and have their own uniquely tilted cats at home for reference.

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