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UFO Museum & Research Center will be interactive

Exhibits at the International UFO Museum and Research Center are being redesigned to be more interactive. The first upgrades to exhibits at the International UFO Museum and Research Center should be available to the public within the next few weeks. (Daily Record Photo)

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Roswell Tourism Council meeting provides insight into future plans, events

A meeting of the Roswell Tourism Council took place yesterday at the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico. The council’s purpose is to enhance the local tourism industry and it provides an opportunity for anybody who has an interest in events and tourism to connect.

The first upgrades to exhibits at the International UFO Museum and Research Center should be available to the public within the next few weeks. (Daily Record Photo)

Ward 3 City Councilor Judy Stubbs talked briefly about her experience at the Hospitality & Tourism TRENDS Annual Meeting, which is hosted by the New Mexico Hospitality Association in Santa Fe. Stubbs said what she found most interesting was learning about a marketing analysis organization that specializes in events. She said that they have been helpful in marketing events in Taos and Santa Fe, and the city will be looking into whether Roswell events could benefit from this company. Stubbs said she will give a full report about her experiences at the council’s March meeting.

Guy Malone, head of the non-profit organization Alien Resistance, presented a new project to promote events. He is planning on having rack cards with monthly events distributed at restaurants and hotels to reach visitors. The first 1,000 cards, for February, were distributed, according to Malone.

Special tours are among the major projects the Roswell Tourism Council has been in charge of, addressing employees who have first contact with tourists, such as those working in the hotel and restaurant industry. These employees can participate in educational tours and learn about history and points of interests.

Karen Arnold, who has returned as general manager of the Hampton Inn & Suites Roswell after working for two years in Carlsbad, said that she used to send her employees to these tours and it was mandatory. The next tours are planned for March 20 and/or April 17, depending on interest and available transportation.

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Alan Trever talked about the redesigning of exhibits at the International UFO Museum and Research Center that he is in charge of. He said the first part of the projects to add interactive technology and other upgrades will be for the 1947 crash section, which is located in the first three cubicles at the museum. He said it should be ready for the public to see within two to three weeks.

“It is a $200,000 project,” Trever said. “It’s got augmented reality, it’s got phone app tours, kids’ games, video displays. We are taking everything off the wall and having it brand new. We are getting away from frames to actual museum-looking designs.”

After the 1947 exhibit work will continue on the upgrades for the entire museum, which will take some time. Trever is known in the community as Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Media Arts instructor and coordinator, and organizer at the Galacticon/Roswell Sci-Fi Film Fest. He was in charge putting in the timeline of the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico Museum, on the first floor.

Galacticon organizer Elaine Mayfield said that this year, the Roswell Sci-Fi Film Fest would bring back the digital shootout competition. Details about the competition will be forthcoming.

Anglin asked Trever about updates in regard to the CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” TV series.

“We have actually a couple of students (ENMU-R Media Arts students) who work on that show. One of them is the chief costumer, she designs all the costumes. She is a graduate, about five or six years ago,” Trever said. “We would like to have CW at Galacticon, but also ‘Project Bluebook’. We are going to reach out to both of those.”

Larry Connolly asked about renovation of aging historical markers. The council is working on finding out if the city, HSSENM or individuals were in charge of putting the markers up originally, and who is in charge today.

The Roswell Tourism Council meetings take place every third Monday of the month at 10:30 a.m. The public is invited to participate.

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