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Letter: Hate crimes defined


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We have been inundated recently by the media reporting of Jussie Smollett’s hate crime attack that was the result of President Trump’s actions. Then, after a minimum of investigation, it became obvious that is was a hoax perpetrated by Mr. Smollett.

With a limited amount of rebuttal the media admitted their mistake, that it was not a hate crime after all. I ardently disagree; it is absolutely a hate crime.

It is a hate crime perpetrated by Mr. Smollett against the president. It is a hate crime generated by the corrupt news media that could not resist an opportunity to attack the president and spread the lie without any substantiation. It was a hate crime by a half dozen Democrat senators and congressmen and women who immediately jumped on the bandwagon to blame the president. It’s a hate crime by leftist social media that blindly follows false narratives. It was a hate crime by TV pundits and talk shows like The View that, with great passion, told us this was due to the president’s rhetoric.

The systemic pernicious hate for our duly elected president by Democrats is so pervasive it belies rational thought. If hate crimes by any individual are terrible and hate crimes by a group are an abomination then what can be said about a whole class of people that perpetuates hate?

Is there much difference between the Committee of Public Safety that during the French Revolution dispatched their advisories by the guillotine and these groups that assassinate the president verbally? I think not.

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William Dawe

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