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Forget your troubles with adult coloring


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The first Tuesday of every month, the Roswell Public Library offers a free adult coloring program. Coloring has become popular among adults as a way to relax and unwind with a hobby that doesn’t take up much space or money and hearkens back to the carefree days of childhood.

The grown-up version of this activity utilizes much more intricate designs, like mandalas and Celtic knots, with many sections to fill in that may be more time-consuming, but still provides a soothing distraction from everyday life. Coloring pages and pencils are provided from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. by the front desk.

You can contact the library by calling 575-622-7101, visiting us at 301 N. Pennsylvania or the website at roswell-nm.gov/405/Roswell-Public-Library and like us on Facebook.

Book Talk by Bianca Cheney
Young Adult/Audio Visual Librarian

The city of Roswell is in the process of reinstating the Keep Roswell Beautiful program so today’s book review is about garbage. Garbage is defined in many ways; mostly we know it as wasted or spoiled food or other household items or something that is considered worthless or meaningless. One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure, though — place an unwanted appliance or piece of furniture by the front curb and see how long it stays.

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“Trashing the Planet: Examining our Global Garbage Glut” by Stuart Kallen is one book that can be checked out to learn more about this subject. Worldwide, humans create about 2.6 trillion pounds of waste every year; Americans have 700,000 tons of trash per day! Where does it go? How does it affect our planet now? How will it affect our grandchildren’s futures?

Topics covered include trash in our waterways; toxins in our trash; taking control of our plates (food); oceans of plastic; and space junk. Trash/garbage/junk/waste can be burned, which then adds dangerous chemicals into the air we breathe. It can be buried, which causes hazardous liquids leaking into our water supplies. Some cities have recycling programs and this helps just a little, mostly because there is still a huge need to educate people on reasons to recycle.

Protecting human health is an important part of this topic. Our bodies contain toxins from paint, car exhaust and household cleaners as well as from cosmetics. The chemical industry says it’s not enough to be harmful yet doctors and researchers disagree. Americans must decide this costly battle on their own — do they want safe products or big profits for manufacturers?

This well-written book contains lots of photos, sidebars with interesting facts, a glossary, and a list of books, films and websites for further review. The problems are stated clearly and many solutions are presented. For example, replace plastic containers with glass or ceramic; or use cloth shower curtains instead of plastic. There is a report of a trash pile in China that collapsed and created a massive landslide, which covered 450,000 square miles and killed 69 people. Electronics make up a huge amount of trash; in 2014 two billion cell phones were purchased worldwide and are typically replaced every two years!

The Roswell Public Library has many books on recycling and reusing waste. Several contain wonderful family projects for reducing trash. The library even hosted an event for teens and tweens to decorate and repurpose plastic magazine boxes. Let’s work together to keep our world beautiful for future generations.


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