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Letter: From a blue wave to a tsunami (of legislation)


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The 2018 blue wave election results that hit New Mexico’s Legislature have turned out to be an actual tsunami of 1,370 introduced bills, and counting. Here, take a look: www.nmlegis.gov.

The oil and gas industry of New Mexico is being attacked from within by our new State Legislature. This is all being done under the guise of the governor’s clear energy initiative to decarbonize New Mexico by 2045.

Energy and Natural Resources is the subject category that is of most interest to Southeast New Mexico (SENM) because that is where Santa Fe gets 40 percent of its revenue base. Any interruption to that revenue stream has to be made up through increases in taxes from other sources or cut programs.

There are several proposed clean energy bills that will have a negative and positive effect on state revenue streams coming from the energy and natural resource sectors.

The mix of clean energy bills effecting the tax structure and revenue stream include coal, oil and gas, wind and solar, nuclear unused fuel and waste and biofuel. What is missing is legislation on geothermal and hydroelectric energy, which are part of the Clean Energy Policy (CEP NM), but not practical energy sources for New Mexico. Nuclear and natural gas are not considered clean energy by the current New Mexico Legislature.

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Wind and solar are the preferred solution for electricity generation by this state administration. Why?

For many energy people the answer is obvious: ignorance. What the Green New Deal (GND) and CEP NM are missing is the latest ‘clean energy technology’ for fossil-fueled electricity and nuclear power reactors. It is like the GND and the CEP NM only see and understand 70-year-old technical and psychological ideology about power generation.

In fact, GND used to be called ‘New Apollo Project’ back in 2003. There was $300 billion for a green agenda of advocating taxpayer money for efficiency and renewables that the Bush administration ignored. Then another attempt was presented to the Obama administration in 2009. Billions were spent to stimulate a new energy direction.

Today, ‘they’ are talking about trillions for a Green New Deal without nuclear and fossil energy within 10-12 years. That is just not going to happen.

Martin Kral

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