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Letter: Taxpayers will see difference in cost of education


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Two 2018 reports are out that rank the quality of K-12 school systems, state by state. One by U.S. News and the other by Forbes Magazine — no doubt there are other ranking systems out there, but based on these two reports education-wise, New Mexico school systems are ranked #50 and #51 respectively. And in addition other reports show that New Mexico also has one of the highest drop-out rates. Not a very impressive showing at all.

So how does the state Legislature plan to deal with such a dismal-performing educational system? Why of course — spend more money!

It appears the Legislature plans to dive into the anticipated windfall monies coming from the oil patch and dole out more money for practically everyone/everything involved in the school system.

Do they outline how this infusion of cash will bring positive, tangible results that prove that this style of expenditure is justified? So far it doesn’t appear that much if anything is going to be required or substantially change in our current school system.

With no projected changes other than perhaps re-classifying and/or shuffling around of top administrators, our poorly performing school system will be allowed to remain intact and trudge along, churning out below par-performing students just like in years past.

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Oh! The taxpayers will see one significant difference — our educational system will just be more expensive.

Terry R. Koenig
Lake Arthur

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