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Letter: Gun control laws intended to disarm citizens


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As a resident of Chaves County, New Mexico I want to express my sincere appreciation to our county commissioners and our sheriff for honoring their oath of office and for standing up for the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and the citizens of Chaves County.

The new laws that the governor and Democrat lawmakers are proposing and most certainly will pass will do nothing to curb the violence in our state! How difficult is it to understand that criminals don’t obey laws? These so called common-sense gun laws only affect law abiding citizens and weaken those same citizens to defend themselves.

Murder is against the law — murderers still murder!

A felon owning a firearm is against the law — felons still own firearms!

Shooting people is against the law — criminals still shoot people!

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Stealing is against the law — thieves still steal!

Explain to me how a new law will make me safer? Explain to me why the laws already in place do not work and how one more law will suddenly cause law breakers to behave themselves.

In the end, most freedom loving Americans know that these laws are really not intended to make us safer, but are just another step in the plan to disarm regular citizens and pave the way to socialism.

Jackie Witt


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