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Letter: ‘Eyesore’ downtown must be addressed


I’m in hopes that the Roswell Homeless Coalition might use their power of persuasion to convince certain homeless individuals that place their bedrolls alongside the retaining wall between our newly-remodeled Roswell Convention Center and Roswell Art Center is an eyesore that can only create ill will towards the homeless and your worthy cause.

I realize that the coalition cannot be responsible for the behavior of each and every homeless person in our city.

As long as I have lived in Roswell, there have been extremely well-behaved homeless individuals enjoying this civic plaza almost every day. But I don’t remember seeing these bedrolls that seem to be reserving a particular spot.

Anything that the Roswell Homeless Coalition could do to voluntarily remove this eyesore would be appreciated by all the citizens of Roswell, Chaves County, and Southeast New Mexico.

Attracting more visitors and more new residents is worthy goal for all of us.

Larry Connolly