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Letter: Why not just skip industrial wind, solar quest?


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New Mexico is a state with abundant sun, wind and natural gas. We also have very large coal, oil and uranium reserves. We are also a state with a thousand years of saline water underground. We are in fact a state with more natural sources of abundant energy, that it has left our state government confused as to what it should do with it. So, to get along, our state government has decide to go along, with wind and solar that is.

Even though two of the five coal furnaces at the Four Corners Power Plant have gone through multi-million dollar retrofitting with carbon scrubbers to filter particulates from air pollution, political decisions have been made to shut down those last two furnaces.

This is a foolish mistake and what’s worst is the notion that the electricity can be replaced with wind and solar energy. It is well documented that this will most likely not happen. The governor’s goal is to decarbonize power generation with renewable energies by 2045 in New Mexico.

What is renewable energy? Energy sources that can be sustained through use and reuse for defined periods of time. New Mexico’s ‘clean energy plan’ is based on 100 percent renewable energy consisting of wind and solar.

Sun and wind have existed for billions of years. Uranium and thorium have existed for billions of years. Oil and natural gases have existed for billions of years. Water and air have existed for billions of years. All of those energy sources will be here for another billion years or more. What is not sustainable or renewable about that?

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Here is a fact that most people fail to relate to. Wind and solar require collector devices made of finite raw materials mined from the earth. After 20-30 years, all the collector devices require replacement with same, ad infinitum, persevering a continuous low-tech job demand machine.

Renewable wind and solar farms are intermittent electricity generators and require natural gas power as a backup power source.

New Mexico is a state with a lot of natural gas so you have to question why it is not our primary base load source for electrical power and just skip this industrial wind and solar quest based on political and psychological reasons?

Martin Kral

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