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Hospital names employee, directors of the year


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Eastern New Mexico Medical Center (ENMMC) has named Gary Corman as 2018 Employee of the Year; Sharla Tucker, RN as the 2018 Clinical Director of the Year; and Chris Colby as the 2018 Non-Clinical Director of the Year. The awards are the highest honors bestowed on hospital employees each year. These individuals were chosen from among over 550 employees for the honor.

“Health care requires a special blend of great people skills, tireless energy and the ability to work well under pressure,” says Warren Yehl, CEO. “People who work in health care share the common desire to help others and make a difference in people’s lives. It’s a pleasure to recognize our employees for their dedication to our patients, and to providing outstanding care.”

Employees are nominated for the award by their hospital peers, based on their commitment to patient care, their professionalism and their contributions on the job.

Gary Corman

Gary Corman has worked in our Plant Operations department for 11 years. Gary is always willing to provide assistance no matter the issue, even if it is outside his normal duties. He willingly takes on any extra task without hesitation.

He is a shining example of what ENMMC employees should be, willing to take ownership of their job, taking time to talk to people and treat them as family, and always smiling even when under stress. When someone presents a situation to him, he takes ownership of it and goes to the right individual to see that it is resolved promptly and properly.

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Gary was specifically instrumental in coordinating the recent gift shop remodel. He went above and beyond what is expected in making sure the volunteer’s daily requests were communicated to the contractors. He coordinated with contractors to make sure all equipment was placed and installed properly to meet the grand opening deadline. Without his efforts, the project deadlines would have not been met.

Chris Colby

Chris Colby is the Director of Security at ENMMC and has worked here for 25 years. Chris is highly committed to ensuring the safety and security of all who enter or work in this facility. He continues to look for methods to ensure a safe working environment. He models the behavior he expects of his team and routinely receives kudos during morning safety huddles related to the responsiveness of his staff, which speaks highly to the expectations he sets for his staff and himself.

In 2018, Chris identified the need for additional security in high-risk areas and was instrumental in acquiring panic buttons for those areas. Additionally, he researched and secured a new badge reader access system which was installed in several high-risk areas. Previously, those high-risk areas were accessible by door codes which could be easily shared with others and did not provide the level of security needed. He also identified and upgraded our current surveillance system and recording capacity/definition. He has focused on identifying security issues and running active-killer drills with our offsite hospital clinics to ensure they are trained and hardwired with the tools needed if they are ever faced with this type of situation.

Sharla Tucker, RN

Sharla Tucker, RN is the Director of Cardiovascular Services. Sharla has worked at ENMMC for 21 years. Sharla is an excellent leader and expert in her field. She understands the requirements of her departments. As a director at ENMMC, she actively supports the facility by floating her staff if necessary to assist other departments, provide education not only to her staff, but all staff, and assists in cases as necessary to provide care for the patients. She has proactively worked with our physician team to increase the acuity and level of services in her department. During staff transitions, she proactively places herself on the schedule and consistently works beside her team to maintain her skill sets, knowledge of daily department activities and maintain credibility with her team and the physicians.

In addition to her clinical influence, she always keeps a fiduciary perspective top of mind. When we learned an Impella device may be expiring soon at a sister facility, she drove an hour and a half to retrieve it for a case, which was scheduled for the following day to ensure we used it before it expired. This potentially prevented the loss of $25,000.

“Each of our employees has a specific role in the delivery of quality health care to the people who live and work in the Roswell community,” said Yehl. “Our success in meeting the needs of the patients we serve is dependent on the collective efforts of all employees.”

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