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Music: Vanessa Silberman concert

Vanessa Silberman returns to Roswell.

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International touring singer to perform

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

Vanessa Silberman and Carissa Johnson are performing at Stellar Coffee Co., 315 N. Main St., on March 20 at 7 p.m. as part of their Bigger & Better Tour.

Silberman was named one of the “hardest working bands of 2018 and 2017” by Audiofemme.com as she managed to play over 200 shows in 2017 alone. Silberman has done more than 17 tours between 2015 and 2019 and played over 600 shows across the U.S. as well as in the United Kingdom and Europe supporting a self-titled EP and various singles (released through her label) along with a cassette released by Weiner (Burger Records). Silberman is also a record producer, engineer and runs an artist development Label called A Diamond Heart Production. Silberman was recently featured at “Today at Apple” at the Apple store (Union Square) in San Francisco with her fellow tour mate Johnson where they spoke about being artists.

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Widely known for having a very strong do-it-yourself ethics and wearing many different hats in the music business — Silberman has worked for heavy hitters in the music business such as producer and songwriter Dr. Luke, as well as for many companies and places ranging from the Foo Fighter’s Studio 606 to Epitaph Record’s.

Silberman’s style is a variety from grunge, rock ‘n’ roll with comparisons from Nirvana to Greenbay. “My more folk songwriter styles can be compared to Neil Young, or some people compare my vocals to Patty Smith,” Silberman said in a phone interview.

She was raised in Hawaii by music-loving parents. “I was forced to discover music,” Silberman said. “I found a lot of bands from the ‘90s. Hawaii was an early adapter from the internet at the time, so I kind of figured out how to play guitar. I had a friend who lived down the street and he and his family played music and that’s how I got started at a young age, I think in fifth grade.”

Silberman is now based in Los Angeles, California. Her tour started on Feb. 22. “This is actually our 10th tour together — me and Carissa — that we have done in the last two years.”

Asked if she had been in Roswell before, Silberman said, “I have – I played in Sol Juice. I would say maybe a year and a half ago, I came through on a solo tour — meeting for another tour. So I stopped to play a show. That was my only experience having played there before.

“I think we are super excited to come back because we love the area and country, like I love the area and New Mexico and the Southwest. Just hearing all the cool history and stories, but also getting to know the music community is really a cool thing.

“The show we are going to play is more of an intimate kind of show without a full band. It will be more of a special set. There will be new songs from the upcoming EP, which is at a date to be determined. I have an EP finished, and working on setting up a partnership with a label. I will be performing all, including former singles and EP, which will be great. Carissa will be playing all her current stuff as well,” Silberman said.

Johnson comes from a musician family. “My dad played in a band around Boston in the ‘90s,” she said. “He definitely inspired me to listen to a lot of great music that he listened to. My mom is also a musical person, a creative person. I come from a creative family, definitely. I have no classical training, I just picked up a guitar and learned at my own pace.

“I am playing acoustic guitar for all the shows. I am from Boston so I have a band there. It is pretty awesome to go on a tour together because we know how both of us are and it’s just the two of us and it’s an easier way to make it work with a smaller group of people and it makes it just simpler.

“I really like to do the solos and intimate shows. It helps me connect more, connect with the crowd more. Having the variation of sizes of shows is cool, too. Playing in the smaller places, sometimes medium places versus the bigger places. It’s cool how every night is different. It is my favorite part of the U.S. I am excited to go up north to Seattle and then down through the mountains to the Southwest again,” Johnson said.

Johnson is looking forward to performing in Roswell. “I think it will be a really good time and come on out — hear some new songs. We both are full of positivity and following our dreams and we dedicated to it. We hope to inspire young people to do the same thing.”

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