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Letter: Citizens referendum justified to ‘right this wrong’


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So our new governor has decided to ignore the oath she swore, the one where she promised to uphold our Constitution, and has instead approved a law that further infringes on the citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.

But what the governor is overlooking is that the citizens of New Mexico have the final decision on any new laws she introduces and, although not widely published, some New Mexico Republican senators who believe in the sanctity of our Constitution are trying to right this wrong.

There is a section in the both the New Mexico Constitution and New Mexico statutes that gives the citizens the power to overturn any law enacted by the Legislature, and our senators are trying to do just that.

If interested, read New Mexico Statute 1-17, but in essence if 10 percent of the voters sign the petition, the referendum will be placed on the ballot paper at the next election, and if 25 percent of the voters sign before June 14, the law is immediately suspended prior to being put on the ballot.

I don’t know where the signatures are being collected, but I hope that every citizen who believes that our Constitution takes precedent over our governor’s edicts signs the petition.

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Neil Binderman

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