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Letter: Rights granted by man pit us against each other


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Some Democrats don’t believe in God, but they all believe in Santa. Some want to give stuff away like a college education and some are terrified Republicans will take away their subsidized housing. Democrats say some kids will go hungry without food stamps because, if their parents won’t feed them, no one will.

Democrats also lie about letting you keep your health plan. They’ll replace it with Medicare-For-All. Universal Pre-K will harm daycares, too. The takeover of and unfair competition with industry by government is socialism.

Democrats say Bruce Jenner is a woman, and they tell you the world ends in 12 years unless you quit burning fossil fuels. Climate change is a normal cycle of many years of warmth followed by cold, yet Democrats believe they’re saving the planet by lowering their car’s window instead of using a carbon-emitting air conditioner.

Socialists are tyrants who don’t care that people will lose their jobs on a global warming scam that reaps negligible results. Democrats won’t render aid to infants who survive botched abortions, and they don’t care that illegal aliens take jobs from legal immigrants and U.S. citizens. All Democrats want is money and power.

Unless you’re comfortable conforming to a Democrat’s conscience, don’t give them power. God’s unalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and Bill of Rights conflict with what they believe. They snuff out life in the womb, strive to take guns from law-abiding citizens, and shout down people with whom they disagree.

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God’s gift of free will lets us live our lives in our own way while rights given by man pit us against each other. The life of an unborn baby and say-so of a man doesn’t matter with abortion. Any objection, religious or one of conscience, to homosexual marriage is viewed as unlawful discrimination by Democrats. There’s no compromise. Give them their way or work against them.

If you see no worth in socialist ideas, elect Republicans who represent you and not the Chamber of Commerce. If you love liberty, value our way of life, and you don’t want to share public restrooms with transgenders, a Democrat invention that conflicts with your right to privacy, oppose Democrat Socialists.

Respectfully your knuckle-dragging, Bible banging, flag waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera

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