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Comedy show with heart

Submitted Photo Comedian Jack Daniels has a heart for children and veterans.

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The Jokers & Jester Comedy Tour stops in town

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

The Jokers & Jester Comedy Tour stops at the Black Cock Brewery, 1719 Southeast Main St., on March 29 at 8 p.m.

There will be two members of the Jokers & Jesters Comedy Tour — The Movie, performing: Jack Daniels and Mark Gee.

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Daniels has produced several award-winning films. Two of his feature length films, “Dark Woods” and “The Deviant”, are on Netflix. Older short films can be found on YouTube. He is one of the hardest-working comedians today — he is involved with more than 300 shows annually. Daniels spends several months a year touring the United States doing comedy shows nightly in bars, stadiums and comedy clubs. He also does fundraisers for Children’s Cancer Research and Several different United States Veterans organizations, which he will do in Roswell as well.

Asked how he chose to be so active in fundraising, he said in a phone interview, “I am a cancer survivor — I just got remission last October. I went through a super-sick phase — I actually had three months to live, and I saw a lot of kids going through cancer stuff. A lot of these kids, they get sick and that’s what they know for their whole life. It’s sad to me that for their whole life they only know being sick. They don’t know anything different. So, I thought if I could make a difference, not just in anybody’s life, but in kids’ life to help find a cure for cancer. So, that’s what I do, I raise money. I’ll be doing that at the Roswell show. I raise money for kids’ cancer research. Generally, I just donate money to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Sometimes when I find somebody sick in the town that needs help, even if it is just a couple hundred bucks, I just donate the money back to them and keep it in the community.

“The same goes for the veterans,” Daniels said. “I work with Homeward Bound, if I see a veteran that is struggling with bills or somebody tells me about somebody struggling with bills, then I keep the money that I raise for the veterans in that town. I also did a couple of shows here for the local Veterans Museum and help them get the money together for that. I have relatives that are veterans. I have nephews who are in the Army and a lot of them have been there for lifetime and my brother in particular was in it for life. Kind of seems as if veterans don’t have — They give so much for the country. They make the sacrifices and sacrifice so much, but then when they are done with the service there isn’t anything there for them to get them going with their life. For some of them that’s why they join the military to begin with and when they get out, that’s when they struggle the most. In a lot of ways they have been robbed of their mind, they see a lot of brutality and they have to retrain their mind to work in a normal civilization.”

“Where would we be without our veterans that go to war for us and whether we agree with the war or not, they are still people. They are the ones who took an oath to fight for our country.”

The “Heart Break Kid,” Daniels, brings his history of relationship heartaches and heartbreaks to life in his stage act. The romantic comic flirts with topics such as: Love at first sight, role playing and divorce. Daniels is one of the few comedians that can get audience members to shake their heads while laughing. He has headlined all over the country and preformed internationally in the Dominican Republic, Canada and Mexico.

This show is part of a special tour that will continue through 50 countries this year. “There will be also a limited theatrical release,” Daniels said. “We are very good in what we do, it’s not a kid-friendly show, but it’s not in your face with adult material either.”

His partner Gee is a quick-witted, personable comedian capable of handling a wide variety of audiences. He is a friendly comic who is genuinely funny and at ease behind the microphone. Gee has performed at all the major clubs nationwide. He is known for his relatable comedy and audiences feel like they are spending time with a friend when he performs. Gee’s comedic journey started in San Francisco, California, where he began performing wherever there was a microphone. He wanted to add more versatility to his comedy, so he enrolled in the world famous improvisation institute in the San Francisco, Bay Area Theater Sports (BATS). Gee gives a lot of credit to the school for helping him improve his ability to weave his material with improvisation and the audiences experience for a fresh out of the oven act. Gee spends most of his time traveling around the United States and abroad performing. He currently lives just outside Sacramento, California and has performed as far away from home as Japan, Singapore, Korea and Canada.

For more information, visit its Facebook event page or call 575-393-6068.


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