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Letter: More should ‘take action to protect innocent life’


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It is a while since I have expressed my feelings publicly about New Mexico’s political agenda, but now, because of all that has happened in the legislative session, I am writing again.

I have been very active in the pro-life ministry since 1972, even before abortion-on-demand was legalized. Word was out, back then, that abortion-on-demand was to be voted on by the Supreme Court.

I was stunned that a country would consider legalizing the deliberate killing of an unwanted pre-born child. I went door to door in Lincoln, Nebraska gathering opinions. The overwhelming majority opposed legalizing abortion.

All states, except New Mexico and six others, placed restrictions on abortion.

I am learning now that many do not know that in New Mexico for the past 46 years, it has been legal to abort through all nine months and that Albuquerque has one of four partial birth abortion clinics in America. Albuquerque is the late-term abortion center of America — and the world.

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Mayor Cuomo of New York and now Michelle Lujan Grisham here in New Mexico have awakened a “sleeping pro-life giant.” Our governor stated she would sign House Bill 51 if it reached her desk.

During my many years in pro-life ministry, I have seen the suffering of so many post-abortive women and girls. I believe they are victims also of this horrible, barbaric practice.

Our beloved state is besieged with proposed legislation that has no place in any civilized society. Assisted suicide bill (House Bill 90) was the most extreme euthanasia bill in America.

I hope and pray that this letter will motivate more of us to take action to protect innocent life.

Margaret Rodriguez

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