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Letter: Resolution doesn’t reflect all local points of view


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I am writing this letter in response to Resolution 19-28 entitled “A Resolution in support of the Unborn” that was brought forward and passed by the Roswell City Council at the March 14 meeting. The resolution was brought forward by members of the council “to show the stance of the community of Roswell” relative to the issue of abortion. As a member of this community, Resolution 19-28 does not reflect my position on this issue. I am pro-choice.

Being pro-choice means that a woman should be able to choose an abortion when she desires to terminate a pregnancy that is either “unintended and untenable or simply untenable.” It is the right of a woman to choose whether, when, and with whom to bear a child; whether or not to become a parent to an apparently healthy child or give birth knowingly to a profoundly disabled child; whether to become a mother in spite of health risks or to avoid or terminate a pregnancy because of health risks; whether to carry to term a pregnancy resulting from abuses such as rape or incest; whether to carry an unintended pregnancy to term then give the baby up for adoption or to carry the pregnancy to term and raise the child.

Being pro-choice means that abortion is a moral choice among numerous moral choices about pregnancy, childbearing and parenting. Recognizing women as moral agents making choices about whether or not they are equipped to make the commitment necessary to parent one or another child.

Being pro-choice recognizes that no one religious tradition or personal belief system has a lock on what is moral.

In being pro-choice I am also pro-life. I am concerned as much or more about the living women and lives of children born into and living in this world. Every born child deserves to be a wanted, loved and cared-for child. This means understanding that abortion is part of the full spectrum of women’s reproductive health care services. Services which should be legally accessible to all women; regardless of their socioeconomic status.

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Being pro-choice does not mean that I advocate abortion. It means that I advocate for the right of every woman to decide for herself whether to carry her pregnancy to term.

Margie Camp

Editor’s note: This letter is being republished to correct an editing error.

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