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Roswell romps over Goddard in doubleheader

Goddard seniors were acknowledged between games against rival Roswell on Tuesday night. (AJ Roe Photo)

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For second-year Goddard softball coach Katie Shanor, there will be better days in her coaching career. There’ll be times when her program will do to other teams what Roswell veteran softball coach Art Sandoval did to her Goddard softball team on Tuesday night as they defeated the Rockets, 18-1 and 10-0.

“We still have a lot of work to do,” Shanor said. “We’re still rebuilding, we have five seniors and we have a lot of freshmen and eighth-graders. We are seeing a lot better teams this year than we have in the past, and in the long run, that’s going to help us.”

The Lady Coyotes came into the game as the No. 12 team in District 4-5A. Roswell showed they can beat teams in a lot of ways. The Lady Coyotes used two devastating combinations in beating Goddard. One was the long ball, as Roswell hit six home runs in the doubleheader, and the other was aggressive base running, forcing Goddard into errors.

Roswell used a pair of long balls from sophomore Raquel Gonzalez. In the first game, Gonzalez unleashed on her favorite pitch like most people spend money. The pitch was an inside pitch and she turned on it sending it over the left-center fence with two base runners on in the top of the second inning to give Roswell a 3-0 lead before losing 10-0 at the end of five innings.

“It is a 3-1 count,” Gonzalez said. “I went to the plate and felt really confident. I said (to myself), ‘Give me something to hit.’ That’s what she gave me and I just turned on it. That’s my pitch — a fastball inside. In the second game, the second homer was given to me right down the middle and I was supposed to do with it.”

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Gonzalez is having a great year and the game is slowing down for her after learning as a freshman. She credits her coaches and dad for helping her to live in the moment. Before Gonzalez hits, she will take a couple of deep breaths and make sure she has her confidence. She also clears her mind and reminds herself to look for her pitch low and inside.

In the second game of the doubleheader, Gonzalez tore into a fastball down and in, she hit it over the fence in the same part of the park for another three-run homer to give Roswell a 10-0 lead in the top of the fourth inning. After that, the floodgates opened and there was an inside-the-park home run by Roswell’s Karissa Mesquita and then another three-run homer by team leader Mikenzie Patterson as Roswell took a 17-1 lead.

Patterson has been struggling with hitting slower pitchers this year, but coach Sandoval has told her to sit back and wait before swinging. Earlier this season, Patterson was way out in front of slower pitchers with her bat.

“I knew I had a job to do,” Patterson said. “I listened to both of my coaches and they told me to ‘sit back and wait on the pitch.’ I waited and waited and then I hit it. The pitch was inside and I love inside pitches.”

Both Patterson and Roswell coach Sandoval attributes the fast start to the summer the team has spent playing travel ball together. Going through the summer has made the girls closer as a group and not just a bunch of individuals but a team where they cheer and pull for each other.

Goddard’s lone run came when Callie Burrow scored on an error from Roswell as they dropped an infield fly ball in the fourth inning. The difference between this Goddard team and last year is that they are starting to figure it out. In the games they played, they were just one step behind and a second late on a throw or throwing a runner out.

Roswell kept the pressure on Goddard the whole game when they were at the plate and on the base paths. Roswell would steal a base, bunt a runner over and a throw would be late at first and the runner from first would end up taking third base and challenging an infielder’s arm. If it wasn’t on the infield, Roswell would tag up and challenge Goddard’s outfielders’ arms with runners on second and first, which would end up on third and second, making it easier for the Lady Coyotes to score.

Goddard didn’t quit and gave an effort, it’s just year two in rebuilding a program that is going to take some time to rebuild. Goddard played some freshmen and sophomores to go along with five seniors. Coach Shanor is just starting to lay the foundation of her program, one that includes hard-nosed softball and they are getting better at playing situational softball.

“I thought our kids played exceptionally well,” Sandoval said. “We hit the ball exceptionally well. We have to go back to the drawing board because we play them again in a week, then we begin districts. We have to step up our game because we have Hobbs. We’re a young team also, we played four freshmen, and at times only had one senior on the field.”

Roswell and Goddard will face each other on Tuesday at Roswell in a doubleheader at 4:30 p.m.

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