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Letter writer: Discussion has become ‘ridiculous’


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The discussion of a woman’s right to a medical procedure has gone from religion-based to ridiculous. Mr. Determan’s letter in today’s RDR (April 4) is ridiculous. According to Pocket Oxford American Dictionary, abortion is defined as “a surgical operation in which a human pregnancy is deliberately brought to an end.” A 10-year-old is not a pregnancy. …

Abortion is a surgical procedure, and as such deserves the same privacy HIPAA gives to kidney surgery or cosmetic surgery. Sometimes in this technological age, abortion is chosen because of tragic disabilities the born child will not be able to survive. Sometimes the woman chooses abortion so that she can survive. Sometimes abortion is chosen because of personal reasons that no one else has the right to know or judge.

No matter the reason, abortion must remain legal so it remains a safe medical procedure. Women have been having abortions forever and will continue to do so even if the procedure again becomes illegal. Forty years ago, before women were given the right to control their own reproduction, abortion was often deadly, often performed in unsterile conditions by non-medical personnel. Sometimes an older woman would recommend a homemade concoction of herbs and supplements that was poisonous for the woman as well as the fetus.

The United States has the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the developed world. As long as we won’t provide proper medical care to a pregnant woman, pregnancy is dangerous, far too often deadly.

We have a volunteer military instead of the draft because as a country we decided it was immoral to require a man to risk his life for the government. By making abortion illegal, you are requiring a woman to risk her life for your religious beliefs (if that is your reason for being anti-abortion). We were right about the draft and we should extend the same protection to women’s lives we did to men’s.

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Keep abortion legal and safe! (To reduce the number of abortions, keep contraception inexpensive and readily available.)

Flo Wells

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