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That’s how you dance

Christina Stock Photo Some of the young dancers of Así se Baila Ballet Folklorico who are performing for the first time on April 19.

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Así se Baila Ballet Folklorico to have its first recital

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

The newly formed Así se Baila Ballet Folklorico’s young students will show a unique style of dance at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Performing Arts Center, 52 University Blvd., on April 19 at 6 p.m. and on April 20 at 4 p.m.

The dance group was formed by husband and wife dance team Mayela and Eric Sosa, who are also the directors. The couple met as young kids growing up in Roswell and have been dancing ever since.

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“We were born and raised in Roswell,” Mayela Sosa said. “We got married and moved away to California, and we both joined a group out there. They have a different kind of folklorico dancing out there, which I was impressed with and I loved. I never thought I was coming back to Roswell — the reason we came back was for family. Honestly, that was our biggest thing, my daughter didn’t know grandma, aunts and uncles. They were total strangers when they came visit, that was something that we needed to come back for. One of my goals coming back was to start a (dance) group. It’s been my passion since I’ve started dancing. I danced since I was in the fourth grade. That was back in 1996.”

Asked what was different from the style in California, Sosa said, “It is different because we dance dances from different regions, different parts of the states in Mexico. Not only do we dance one state, but we dance the north, the central and the south of one state all together. We’ll be dancing a favorite that I enjoyed from Costa Sinaloa.”

Other regions represented in dance are Chihuahua, Nayarit Mestizo, Baja California and Jalisco.

One of the dancers is Andrea Sanchez. “I really wanted to know how my culture is,” she said. “How it’s different from what we dance here. Everybody should come watch, and other girls come dance with us, see how fun it can be.”

Another dancer is Iylanie Hernandez. Asked if this is her first time on stage, she said, “Si, the first time I’ve been dancing. We have unique dances. We learn them step by step and our teacher choreographs them by herself.”

Asked if she is good when it comes to following her teacher, Iylanie said, “Sometimes. We have fun with our friends. It’s a good exercise. I like Jalisco, they have pretty costumes. I am going to have a blue costume.”

The dance group was formed in August 2018. “My goal was 30 dancers and I got 31,” Sosa said. “We added practices since September. We’ve performed at some private and public events throughout for no charge. We accept donations, they go to our recitals or any of our events that we do, but for the most part it’s just free,” Sosa said. “We will be taking a break in the summer, but we will be doing performances, as well.

“We follow the school calendar, going from August to May, and we will be accepting new dancers in August,” Sosa said.

Tickets are available from the dancers or the directors or from Bobby Villegas at Farmers Insurance Agency, 412 N. Richardson Ave. “If space is available we’ll be selling them at the door,” Sosa said.

For more information, email asisebailaballetfolklorico@gmail.com; like its Facebook page, @AsiSeBailaBalletFolklorico; or call 760-707-4980.


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