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Letter: ‘Don’t be beguiled’ by the left’s platitudes


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We recently read a letter from a pro-abortionist local woman who stated she was pro-choice and pro-life, the ultimate oxymoron. In what realm do we compare inconvenience to death and then say you support both?

There are those who see a different concept of choosing. We can begin with the choice of not becoming pregnant. If through carelessness or ignorance this happens, there are new choices one has — they can keep the child or put it up for adoption. So there are choices, the choice between inconvenience and death.

Some government officials, including our two senators, have voted for the death option. What a shame we have regressed to such a state of barbarism.

We then had a second letter supporting abortion. In the second letter we heard all the standard platitudes and arguments for abortion, arguments that reflect about one percent of the cases with the 99 percent being only convenience. …

Don’t be beguiled by the liberal platitudes of the left. Abortion is unjust taking of life no matter how you try to spin it.

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William Dawe

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