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Karate students place locally and nationally


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Above: Pictured, from left, are Ailjaih Stanford, Scarlet Aviles, Mark Aviles and Charles Moreau, who placed in the top five nationally in the 2018 U.S. Association of Martial Artist 2018 Final National Point Standings. Ailjaih Stanford won first-place in the 12-13 year-old Intermediate Forms, first-place Intermediate Boys Sparring, fifth-place Youth Take Down Sparring and sixth-place Youth Koshiki. Mark Aviles won first-place Boys Sparring 12-13 year-old Advanced, second-place in 12-13 year-old Advanced Katas, second-place Youth Koshiki and third-place Youth Chambara. Charles Moreau won first-place 8-9 year-old Beginner Forms, third-place Beginner Boys Sparring, fourth-place Weapons and 10th-place Youth Chanbara. Scarlet Aviles won first-place 8-9 year-old Advanced Girls Sparring, third-place 8-9 year-old Intermediate Kata, fourth-place Youth Koshiki and seventh-place Youth Chambara.

Below: Students from Cesar Obeso’s Black Dragon Karate attended the 2019 Grand International Karate Tournament in Albuquerque, March 15-17. The students study Shorin Ryu Style Karate under Sensei Cesar Obeso and will compete in Las Cruces on April 13. The tournament events are Kata (Forms), Kumite (Sparring), Kobudo (Weapons), Koshiki (Armored Sparring), Chambara (Padded Sword Fighting) and Take Down Sparring (TDS). The students that attended are: Jazean Aguilar, a red belt who won second-place in Koshiki and fourth-place in Sparring; Ailjaih Stanford, a blue belt who won first-place in Take Down Sparring, second-pace in Koshiki, third-place in Kumite Sparring and fourth-place in Kata; Mark Aviles is a brown belt who won first-place in Kata and Koshik, and finished third-place in Take Down Sparring; Charles Moreau, a green belt who finished third-place in Chambara and fourth-place in Koshiki. Scarlet Aviles, a blue belt who took first-place in Chambara, second-place in Sparring and Take Down Sparring, third-place in Weapons Kata and Koshiki; Aedan Riley, a green belt who took first-place in Sparring and fourth-place in Koshiki; and Isaac Obeso, a junior red belt who earned fourth-place in Kata. (Jennifer Aviles Photos)

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