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Letter: Is legalizing recreational marijuana worth it?


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Coming from a background of many personal challenges, obstacles and unstable life situations I have an understanding of other young kids who may struggle to achieve simple life goals and (be) afraid of daring to dream of a better tomorrow.

I am concerned about what our state and lawmakers are doing to strengthen the law to protect the children, there are too many children going hungry and abused. We need to work toward keeping the children off the streets and away from drugs.

With today’s marketing strategies of legalizing recreational marijuana as a new means to increase tax revenue and developing a profitable industry at the expense of today’s generation it is very worrisome. We already have easy access to buy marijuana, alcohol, vaping marijuana wax and other drugs.

The proposed legal age to buy recreational marijuana is 21, the same legal age to buy alcohol and that law didn’t work for alcohol.

A question to ask our state lawmakers and governor is simple: Is it more important to create a new profitable harmful business and raise taxes to balance a state budget at the real cost of damaging the developing brain of this generation and the future generations?

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Gabriel Nail

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