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Suanne Mestas — The future is bright — I can’t wait


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For Suanne Mestas, Mother’s Day means: It’s just a day to keep everything in line and together. It’s a day to celebrate mothers made especially for them.

“Being a mom of two boys,” Mestas said, “and a wife of a coach has its perks and its downfalls. The best part is having all three of them on the court at the same time. Whether it’s watching or Anthony (Mestas) is coaching them or the kids are sitting on the bench with him. It’s just a neat experience.”

Suanne remembers when Anthony Mestas, was the head coach at Hagerman and she was pregnant with Ryan. She kept the books for his basketball team. Suanne would get so excited during a state tournament game in March that she thought she would give birth at the games.

Ryan Mestas was born in early June. Suanne didn’t realize that June is a basketball month. Ryan was born on a Thursday and Anthony Mestas left on that Saturday for basketball. To her, it was a rude awakening of being a mom for the first time and a coach’s wife at the same time.

“It’s been great,” Suanne said. “I’ve learned to develop thick skin as a coach’s wife. There were times when it would tear me apart, and I’d be momma bear, trying to stick up for Anthony or my kids. Coach’s kids have to work twice as hard, and they have a high standard to live up to.”

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Suanne tries to instill in her kids, Ryan, 13, and Izzy, 11, that they earn what they get, that they aren’t given anything in life. She looks forward to her kids playing for their dad.

“I can’t wait, Suanne said. “I think it’s going to be the best years of all of our lives. It’s going to be hard because there are times when he’s coaching them in Little League. There’ll be times when he coaches them hard. When Anthony coaches Ryan hard, I’m good with it, because he’s a big kid. When Anthony coaches Izzy hard, the momma bear comes out in me, because that’s my baby. I honestly can’t wait; I think it’s going to be a great time.”

Suanne’s favorite memory so far has been in 2011, when Hagerman won the state title with a record of 31-0, and both of her boys, (Ryan and Izzy) were managers on the team. Both kids received their medals from the New Mexico Activities Association director and had their names called at The Pit.

“That was a real emotional moment,” Suanne said. “For all three of them to experience it together and for me to be able to watch it — that’s probably my best memory so far.”

Suanne teases Anthony about all of their vacations being centered around basketball. The family has been to Oklahoma City to watch Izzy’s favorite player, Russell Westbrook, and they have been to the Final Four in 2018. The family has been to the NBA Finals to watch LeBron James play. The family goes to Disneyland as well.

“I want to teach my kids,” Suanne said, “to treat others with respect. I want them to work hard and don’t ever quit. If you have a goal, don’t ever take no for an answer. Keep trying and I want my kids to be good people. They know right from wrong, that’s the most important thing to me is that they’re good people.

Suanne’s favorite Mother’s Day is when she can hang out with her own mother and her kids at the same time.

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