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Letter: Letter writer offers‘ some satire’


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For those of your readers who think the city’s Resolution 19-28 entitled “A Resolution in support of the Unborn” was a good move, I’ve got some satire for them:

There is an invasion coming to America!

Due to the unwitting help of well-meaning dupes, thousands of unwanted, pre-born people will be robbing, dealing drugs and voting (probably for socialists) in the future. Some will be murderers; perhaps with guns they bought without background checks right here in Chaves County.

This is a real national emergency. And if we don’t nip it in the bud, your wanted children could suffer the consequences in the future. …

These unwanted pre-born types will get on welfare, into our schools and clog up our emergency rooms for free medical care they won’t be able to pay for.

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They will also take the jobs of good, upstanding wanted Americans.

Don’t be fooled by bleeding-heart types claiming some religious excuse for abetting this invasion of our country. These deluded do-gooders who want to bring the unwanted pre-living into our homeland are being brainwashed by fake news from their churches and from pandering politicians.

Stand up America and defend us from the unwanted, unborn hoards that will be over-running our nation. Remember, our country is full!

Join the Volunteers for Fewer Americans now, before it’s too late.

S.W. Fleming

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