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Letter: If you think abortion is wrong, ‘don’t have one’


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In (the May 22) Roswell Daily Record you have an article about the #StopTheBan rally held on Pioneer Plaza Tuesday, May 21. You accurately reported that there were some counter-protesters carrying ProLife signs. You made it seem like the two groups were equal in size, though they were not. There were 12 marchers (at noon on a workday) supporting a woman’s right to choose how her body will be used. There were three forced birthers. That is a close approximation of the percentages of Americans who want the Roe v. Wade decision to stand and abortion to be a legal medical procedure. Polls show that 70-75% of Americans prefer the status quo. 20-25% want to ban abortion.

Our country is moving toward a domination of the majority by a small minority of fanatics. If Roe is overturned as they are angling for, women’s civil rights will be eroded severely. If a person cannot determine what to do with her own body, an intimate decision, then what will the minority demand next?

Men, I urge you to support women in maintaining this freedom to control the body. You might not have considered that your sexual freedom might be the next thing under the ProLife (ForcedBirth) microscope. Maybe personhood will be ruled to start at sperm production. You might be held responsible for each of your million sperm cells!

Another problem with this forced birth movement is that it is based in religion. The constitution clearly states that there will be no State religion. People have the absolute right to believe and worship however they want. What is unconstitutional is forcing others to live by that set of beliefs. This country has a diverse population, with many ideologies and belief systems. Contrary to the loud minority, this is not a Christian nation. Nor is it a Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist nation.

Our government and our laws are secular as the constitution demands.

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About those things most people agree are necessary to society, we make laws. The 20% have decided to force a law without majority consensus. Though the Bible does not mention abortion, if you believe it is wrong, don’t have one. You have no right to demand the same from anyone else.

Flo Wells

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