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Letter: Is the US a sovereign nation — or not?


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Congress is responsible for funding. President Trump asked for funding for a border barrier and called the situation a crisis. The Pelosi-led House suggested sarcastically $1 for a fence, demonstrating their disdain for the president’s plan to protect the nation’s borders. Gov. Lujan Grisham withdrew most of the National Guard from our southern border because she didn’t agree there was a crisis either.

Now there have been two months in a row (March and April) with 100,000 migrants entering the United States each month. Every day our news tells us the support systems, border agents, courts and community infrastructure are stressed. Funding for migrant support in Las Cruces originally was $75,000 and on April 25 it was expanded to $500,000 through June 30. Las Cruces’ share of the influx is 100 to 200 migrants per day.

Pleas for financial help from other communities, primarily churches, have been initiated, including from Roswell. Churches here already are supporting local people needing help. The additional burden of the migrants will affect the support available for local needs.

Several Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls are endorsing an open border policy. The people have to decide whether the United States is a sovereign nation or not and whether we can absorb and support all comers, or was Trump right in the first place?

Dick Bartlett

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