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Letter: The truth (on Dems) will come out: Expect indictments


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On a sheet of paper, Robert Mueller could have said Trump colluded with Putin to get elected, and it would have been the end of his presidency. Instead, he wasted 447 pages and $25 million to find no conspiracy. This investigation was an attempt by sore losers to get rid of Trump. Mueller’s report are bones left for Democrats; a chew toy for crybabies to use as a pretext to oust him.

The news people who peddled the Russian collusion-delusion are lying lunatics and propagandists for the Democrat Party. They say vile things about President Trump and his supporters. They and some of our Trump-hating friends and family need therapy.

Democrats have no brain. None can separate people by gender. They’d let high school kids pick their bathroom and allow males to compete as gals on athletic teams.

Democrats have half a heart. They’d repeal the Hyde amendment which prohibits using federal funds to pay for abortions, then they’d close religious hospitals that refuse to abort babies. Most Democrats would render aid to infants who survive abortions, yet they elect lawmakers who won’t. They shed tears for children who come here illegally and die in custody, but they do nothing to stop these tragedies. Their compassion is letting the homeless inhabit family parks.

They believe some people are more equal than others, and they don’t respect anyone’s personal or religious liberty. Some are bigots who opine about white privilege and toxic masculinity. Others are crass and have no class. Kendrick Castillo, a disciple of Christ, gave his life to save his classmates, yet students walked out of an assembly to honor him because Democrats used the occasion to lecture them on gun violence.

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Democrats bully people and tantrum when they don’t get their way. Demand they impeach Trump now or shut their pieholes because you’re tired of their childishness.

In the coming months, we’ll discover that the Russian collusion was a hoax. We’ll find that President Obama abused his power and learn that uncorroborated dirt paid for by Clinton and the Democrat Party was used to get warrants to unlawfully spy on the Trump Campaign. The story of the games Democrats played to attain power will emerge.

Among the losing players are: President Obama and people in his administration including the heads of his intelligence agencies, government employees, congressmen. foreigners, newsmen, Mueller and his thuggish lawyers and perhaps judges. Expect indictments.

Ralph Rivera

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